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Joël Robuchon RSVP in Monaco

Come Dine With…Joël Robuchon Well… Less than a month since determining to experience the best culinary delights the world has to offer… and Golding Group gets an invite to dine at the Monaco home of globally renowned chef, Mr Joël Robuchon. With 33 Michelin stars across twelve restaurants around the world this was an event not […]


Antartica: The Polar Desert.

Explore The South Pole Dates: TBC December 2017 / January 2018 Invite courtesy to all Golding Group Members Presenting the adventure of a lifetime… Antarctica. The Polar Desert. We are embarking on our voyage late next year, early for a 10-14 day excursion On land, sea…and air We meet in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. Rich in […]

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Around The World For 50 Meals

Experience Food As An Adventure If you are anything like me then you have a huge appetite for life. I am constantly travelling to seek out new adventures and try new things and have finally found a combination which is probably going to rule my life for the next few years. Travel and Food! I […]


What is life like as a Elite Brand Ambassador for Golding Group?

‘To Travel Is to Live’ and I Am Living Life Like it’s Golding (en)!!! My hair wont stop whipping my face, the wind is rushing at me and adrenaline is pumping through me. I can feel my heart racing. Suddenly I am flung sideways as Dan decides to put the car into a slide at the […]


Golding Group in St Tropez This Summer

SAINT-TROPEZ, FRANCE JUNE 17TH – JUNE 24TH 2016 INVITE COURTESY TO ALL GOLDING GROUP MEMBERS. One week of pure perfection. Surround yourself in paradise with quality, successful people. Indulge in the exquisite food, VIP night-life and the idyllic beaches Saint-Tropez has to offer. Saint-Tropez is surrounded by mega yachts, filled with super cars and frequented by the rich, […]


Fancy a trip to space? Join our 2016 stratosphere trip.

Closest You Can Get To Space Travel We get a lot of emails asking us for examples of the types of holidays, adventures and experiences you’re likely to get as a member of Golding Group. Here is a small glimpse at what we feel is probably the most exciting trip planned so far. Golding Group […]

Golding Group- Digital Nomads on the Fly

Digital Nomads Working On The Fly

“Some people have to travel for work” the Marriott Inn commercial says, depicting a man in the dead of a high arctic winter relaxing over a quinoa salad. “Some people get to travel for work.” And some people, the ad does not say, travel and work. World-wide digital communication makes a lot things possible that […]

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How To Travel While Working

Through the internet, a new lifestyle is emerging: that of the location independent entrepreneur. These individuals are able to work from anywhere. Their work goes with them no matter where they are. Communication with the office or with clients is easy through email and texting. Digital nomads, however, don’t hide in their home offices or […]

Digital Nomad Life

How to Work and Travel at the Same Time: The New Digital Nomad Life

Before the dawn of the Internet age, many people were chained to their desks — slaves to the daily grind, committed to a life of working a 9-to-5, and only going on vacation once a year. Today, however, the so-called “digital nomad” can work and travel at the same time. With no fixed address, no […]


Gstaad Is The Perfect Ski Destination For The Wealthy

Countless locations advertise themselves as the go-to place for ski season; the best area for the wealthy to arrive and thrive. But in reality there is only one real winner. Gstaad – a village situated in the southwestern corner of Switzerland – has absolutely everything that the well-heeled traveller could ever desire for a high […]