Antartica: The Polar Desert.

Explore The South Pole

Dates: TBC December 2017 / January 2018

Invite courtesy to all Golding Group Members

Presenting the adventure of a lifetime… Antarctica. The Polar Desert.
We are embarking on our voyage late next year, early for a 10-14 day excursion On land, sea…and air


We meet in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. Rich in Patagonian and Argentinian culture Ushuaia, the most southern city on Earth, is a unique experience all on its own. However for this Golding Group excursion it is just the beginning. On leaving Ushuaia we set sail across the Drakes Passage reaching the northern most point of Antarctica, The Arctic Peninsula.

Accommodation consists of a private cabin aboard an ice-strengthened polar cruiser ship (with satellite phone and internet access). On our first night aboard enjoy a Golding Group champagne reception and luxury cuisine to meet your fellow adventurers and members from around the world.

Days will be spent discovering the natural rare wildlife of the region. At sea we can see awesome Minke and enormous Humpback whales. As we approach land we will be able to experience a variety of wild birds, including legendary Albatrosses and Petrels.
Antarctica Penguins
Once on land you’ll be blown away by the indescribable beauty. Enhanced by frozen steam from volcanoes dotted around the landscape creating ‘diamond dust’ which shimmers across the landscape forming gigantic towers of ice. All within a stones throw of thousands of Gentoo penguins and Leopard seals.

” ‘diamond dust’ which shimmers across the landscape “

Challenge yourself by hiking across the coldest continent in the world and exploring Antarctica. Together we all build a base camp and enjoy evenings camping with everyone involved.

Antarctica base camp
Possibly the most remote, unique networking opportunity you will ever be invited to!


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