What is life like as a Elite Brand Ambassador for Golding Group?

‘To Travel Is to Live’
and I Am Living Life Like it’s Golding (en)!!!

My hair wont stop whipping my face, the wind is rushing at me and adrenaline is pumping through me. I can feel my heart racing. Suddenly I am flung sideways as Dan decides to put the car into a slide at the end of his driveway. I finally catch my breath and after peeling my hands from the dashboard of his stunning Ferrari California. I look up into his grinning face and accept his job offer.

If the rush I got from just a simple drive around Brighton is but a taster of the excitement, speed and luxury I will experience as a Golding Group Elite Ambassador… I had to say ‘YES’.

Who knew a man I met while hosting a burlesque night and serving him champagne would change my life.

As a member of the Golding Group VIP travel service and membership I can travel with and meet the most incredible people…In the most incredible places.

However… As an Ambassador…

I get to promote a network and service I feel passionate about, supported by my business mentor and founder Daniel Golding. Who at the ripe age of 27 has exceeded most peoples lifetime goals. Rather than sit on his laurels and enjoy his success, he gets pleasure from sharing his knowledge and love of fun with those wise enough to place themselves in his sphere.

The incredible experiences I have had since joining Golding Group were not a surprise to me. I know the amount of abundance in the world and have always felt I deserved and would achieve whatever successes I was willing to work for and in Golding Group I have found a company and set of people so like minded we have gone from strength to strength.

The Business Opportunity

My ‘passive’ income alone this time next year will be about double what I was earning just last year.

Golding Group Elite Ambassadors earn $500 on each new member they refer.
This commission is recurring annually, so as long as they stay a member you keep getting paid that $500 every year.

I invested in an Ambassador starter pack and saw the impact this made.
I love clubbing and growing up in London amongst promoters and performers I have a great network. I found as soon as I flashed my gold INVITE card and showed perspective members their 24ct gold membership cards they couldn’t wait to sign up. The unique codes on the card mean anyone signing up anywhere around the world with that code will be attributed to me, so I get paid.

Commissions are calculated and paid each month. With the previous months calculated on the 15th of the following month.

So, for example commissions for membership subscriptions for June, will be collected, calculated and paid to you on July 15th. You even get the credit if a member signs within 3 months of your introduction. You also get notifications about new sales instantly on your Android, iPhone or iPad and monitor ambassador profile traffic in real time. It is so easy to see where you are and calculate earnings.

The service itself provides a network of successful international businessmen and women who travel for work and pleasure. They can connect through our members site, inviting each other to explore the world in a way that maybe their less wealthy friends could not do on a whim. It is fantastic and again has led to me performing at private VIP parties as well as enjoying Yacht trips in the Mediterranean.

Our annual St Tropez/Monacco trip is in a few weeks and look out Antarctica! Yes, we are going to Antarctica.

The world is my oyster, and I will enjoy a bucket with a glass of Arman Debrignac whilst I carry on earning! Come and get yours.

Elite Brand Ambassadors must be enthusiastic for travel and business…and luxury living. Follow the link below to learn more if you are interested in expanding your horizons and making some real money while you do it.