Gstaad Is The Perfect Ski Destination For The Wealthy

Countless locations advertise themselves as the go-to place for ski season; the best area for the wealthy to arrive and thrive. But in reality there is only one real winner. Gstaad – a village situated in the southwestern corner of Switzerland – has absolutely everything that the well-heeled traveller could ever desire for a high class getaway. Gstaad is essentially a snow covered St Tropez situated in the idyllic postcard perfect scenery of the Swiss Alps.

Listed here are just a few things that make this location the perfect ski destination for the wealthy and one of our favourite places to hang out in the winter.

Sensational Slopes

Gstaad is the ideal place for ski veterans to whet their appetite for this exhilarating sporting activity, offering 220km of slope runs that vary between 1000 and 3000 metres above sea level. The riveting nature of the sensational slopes in Gstaad is what lures visitors to the region in the first place, but the way in which the area caters so wonderfully for the wealthy is what makes them stay for longer periods of time. There are several mountains in the area that cater for a range of ski abilities.

Fine Food

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a top-end holiday is being able to wine and dine in style, and the vast array of Michelin-starred establishments dotted around Gstaad offer every visitor the opportunity to enjoy a dazzling range of culinary treats. Chesery is a particularly popular hotspot for the rich and the famous – offering fresh Mediterranean cuisine with a kick, that’s presented at your table before cooking. Leonard’s is another mouth-watering restaurant tucked away inside the luxurious interior of the Le Grand Bellevue, while visitors can wander over to Bernerhof hotel if they’re craving a delicious Italian (Basta) or Chinese (Blun Chi).

Lets not forget the incredible fondue Switzerland is famous for! Gstaad has some fantastic places to get a variety of fondues, most notably and our personal favourite is the Gold Hotel, just outside Gstaad in Saanmoser.

Did we mention the Swizz chocolate shop on the high street? Would it surprise you if we said many Golding Group breakfasts have been had at this chocolatier!

Luxurious Accommodation

You’ll be needing a place to rest your weary head after a long day on the slopes, and there’s no shortage of luxurious five-star hotels spread across Gstaad. The aforementioned Le Grand Bellvue and Bernerhof hotels are understandably popular given their spectacularly high standards of service, as is the gorgeous Alpina hotel.

Perhaps the most lavish accommodation of all however is the Gstaad Palace – where the magnificent rooms set against the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps will keep your jaw on the floor for the duration of your stay.

Fairy-tale Scenery

The scenery around Gstaad can only be described as coming out of a fairy-tale. Swiss law requires all chalets are built in the same old fashion, typical Swiss chalet design. When you’re driving up mountain at night time and you see entire villages of chalet’s lit up, it’s truly beautiful.

Not only are there breath taking views of the Swiss alps from the ski slopes, the scenery at ground level is beautiful. There are a huge number of outdoor walks along rivers, lakes, mountain sides that look like they belong in a photoshopped post card.

We absolutely love it. Winter is when Gstaad really comes alive and is beyond beautiful.

Sumptuous Shopping Sprees

Gstaad is also the perfect place to pick up some of the world’s very best designer labels – with a whole street dedicated entirely to the finest threads that money can buy. In fact you aren’t going to find much else besides the highest quality and priced designer labels. Inspired by the celebrity-speckled shopping stretches of Paris, Hauptstrasse gives visitors the opportunity to browse in style – with a multitude of elegant stores all catering for those with upscale taste and seeking clothes at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Gstaad is a fascinating area of the Swiss Alps that oozes class and quality. It’s the perfect ski destination for the prosperous crowd looking to celebrate their fantastic achievements in life.

Join Us This Winter!

You can see why this is one of our favourite winter destinations and why we travel here so much!  Golding Group members have been coming to Gstaad for years so team up with us and we’ll take you to the best places! We’ll be heading out there this winter for a week of snowboarding, skiing, fondue and cocktails! We look forward to having you join us!