How To Travel While Working

Through the internet, a new lifestyle is emerging: that of the location independent entrepreneur. These individuals are able to work from anywhere. Their work goes with them no matter where they are. Communication with the office or with clients is easy through email and texting. Digital nomads, however, don’t hide in their home offices or spend most of their days at their favorite coffee shops. Instead, they’re traveling the world, making memories that they’ll carry with them for a lifetime. Wondering how to to travel while working? To see the world while taking your work along? This is the place to start.

Take inventory of your skills

What job can you perform that will easily fit in a briefcase? If you already work from home, becoming a digital nomad won’t be all that different from what you’re doing already–it’s just your location that will change. On the other hand, if you’ve worked in an office all your adult life, you’ll need to make sure that you have the skills you need to work independently.

Make contacts

The Goldbing Group is the perfect opportunity to make connections and increase your odds of having successful adventures. Not only should you make contacts that will make adventuring easier than ever before, you should also make networking within your field a priority. If work gets short when you’re hundreds of miles from home, you need to be able to chase down new leads quickly.

Be prepared

Living life as a digital nomad has a number of unique challenges that others won’t experience. You’ll find things like an unlocked cell phone, a good battery pack or charger for all of your devices, and a world clock app to be critical to your daily life. Think ahead to what your needs will be once you’re on the road.

Schedule carefully

Timing is a big issue for many people working in a different time zone from their clients. You’ll have to pay careful attention to scheduling and set boundaries from the beginning so your clients understand that you aren’t available at what, for you, is two o’clock in the morning.

Combine work and play whenever possible

All the great experiences you’ll have while living anywhere you like are fodder for blogs, travel articles, and photographs. Take advantages of those skills to turn hobbies and free time into work expenses. While you don’t want to make all your play time about work, combining the two can be very rewarding long-term.

Learn to work anywhere

Whether you’re sailing over the ocean in a cruise ship or flying high above the mountains in a plane, you need to be able to work while you travel(and travel while working). Learn to focus on the task at hand even when you’re surrounded by chatter. If you can’t work while a toddler is kicking the seat behind you, you’re going to miss out on valuable time that could have been spent working. Make the most out of time that could otherwise have been wasted, and stay disciplined about working during work hours. As tempting as it is to shut off your laptop and converse with your seatmate, if you have a deadline, you’ve got to get the work done first.

Don’t miss out on the experience

As important as it is to work hard and stay disciplined, it’s equally important to remember to cut loose and have fun. Sometimes, you just have to step away from the computer, turn off your phone, and enjoy the moment. After all, that’s why you decided to travel, right?

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