Joël Robuchon RSVP in Monaco

Come Dine With…Joël Robuchon

Well… Less than a month since determining to experience the best culinary delights the world has to offer… and Golding Group gets an invite to dine at the Monaco home of globally renowned chef, Mr Joël Robuchon. With 33 Michelin stars across twelve restaurants around the world this was an event not to be missed.

Due to the relationship we have fostered over the last few years through Golding Groups events in Monaco we must have garnered a bit of a reputation as one sunny Saturday afternoon Golding Group were invited to dine in style at Restaurant de Joël Robuchon to sample their new Discovery Menu. Flights booked, hotel sorted and by that evening we were sitting down to sample Robuchons’ delectable menu…

Robuchon Menu

We began with the usual Amuse Bouche ‘Mimosa’ Egg with crab and Imperial caviar.

It was softly boiled inside so beautiful when the yolk poured out adding a creaminess to the crab and caviar. That was followed by a beautiful lobster tail with avocado coulées, chilli oil and burrata. The burrata was intensely rich and though I don’t like lobster thermadore I found the burrata a great compliment with the avocado and chilli to balance the dish.



With my palate delicately tickled we were served our third out of an eight course menu, nine with coffee. This was Ceps, Provençal style mushrooms in puff pastry with a drizzle of balsamic, I love mushrooms and the simplicity of the ingredients meant they were really celebrated as the central flavour and I have to say I ate two other members dishes as they are not mushroom fans, possibly may have their membership revoked for this reason alone. After I selflessly finished those off we were presented with Purple Artichokes. Divine. Although titled artichoke, this dish was equal parts thyme infused squid and chorizo cooked in a tagine dish.



The pictures don’t do these dishes justice as there was so much flavour and intensity to both, though Robuchon seems to have managed great constraint in a minimal simplistic presentation.

Next up was one of the dishes I was anticipating most, rumoured to be the most delicious fish one can be served, John Dory. It was exquisitely cooked in pastry so not overdone as is the danger with this delicate fish. Complimented with El Arozza Bomba, The beautifully soft rice subtly seasoned was a great textural contrast to the pastry and fish.

The next dish was like Sophie’s Choice. Quail OR Milk Fed Lamb? Decisions, decisions. The Quail was tempting and I did sample a bite or two from my lovely fiancée, however the lamb was definitely the winner for me, especially when milk fed! The cutlets were perfectly butchered and delicately treated. Extremely succulent and perfectly pink where it counts. The fresh thyme worked superbly with thinly sautéed slices of aubergine and a beautiful subtle jus.



By now I could really appreciate the reputation Robuchon had garnered as a bit of a classicist, returning to a style of cooking that celebrates each ingredient taste ‘of itslef’. Robuchon, like the best of us, he is a master of his craft too. Through pure dedication, determination and PASSION! Despite retiring at 50 as he saw so many of his contempories health suffering from stress, he found that only hit him once he stopped.

“True entrepreneur, he cannot stop as what he does is intrinsic to who he is. That passion is clear in every dish and the attention to detail present in all aspects of his restaurant.”

And far too quickly we were being served our desserts. Yes, plural. The group actually gasped, myself included as with a flourish we were presented with Le Tendance Fraise. A rhubarb compote with strawberries and Provençal nougat chip. Glorious.



Before my plate was wiped clean and my tongue still tingling from the sharp kiwi sorbet I was forced to imbibe the delectable Le Grue De Cacao. Chocolate ice cream, a crispy tuile and Chantilly cream. Very decadent. The perfect end to a most perfect meal. 10 courses of pure heaven. Good food can truly be an art form and Joel Robuchon’s restaurant proved yet again they are the Michelangelo of food. The obligatory coffee followed and then we were met with a wonderful surprise.


A delightful goody bag of treats to take home, including a divine lemon cake that we all happy had for breakfast the following morning!

We had a glorious time and it was great to be able to share the experience with some fantastic people too. Great food, surrounded by great people, one of the best weekends we’ve had in a while. Having the goody bags presented to us at the end just really brought home for me why I started Golding Group and getting just that little extra recognition and value was a real validation of seeing my goals and determinations come to fruition.

We will be documenting more of our culinary adventures on Instagram @GoldingCuisine