The Internet Has Created A New Breed Of Entrepreneur

The Greatest Gift the Internet Has to Offer: Time

You’ve got to the top of your career, or you’ve carved out your own successful business. You’ve got the money, the toys and the prestige – but what do you lack more than anything? For most top business people the answer to this question is simple: time. There’s never enough time. After working so hard to create your lifestyle, you’re left with little time to enjoy it!

Fortunately, the digital age is coming to the rescue of stressed out entrepreneurs. No longer are you likely to be a victim of your own success. Instead, new technology and intelligent entrepreneurship can leave you with all the time in the world to enjoy the life you’ve invested so heavily in creating.

Today’s new breed of internet entrepreneur is more likely to be checking emails on a beach, with a cocktail by their side, than in an office, pressed for time, with yet another meeting to go to.

Take Tim Ferris, for example, widely credited with opening people’s eyes to the possibilities, through his book “The 4 Hour Work Week”. Tim started his profitable BrainQuicken nutritional company in 2001, but he quickly became frustrated by being forced to work 14 hour days in order to keep the success flowing. The ideas of the 4 Hour Week – making best use of technology, outsourcing your life and automating your business processes – were born during that period. These days, Tim lives his dream, and is widely considered one of the biggest influencers of his generation.

4 Reasons Why Internet Businesses Bring Freedom

  1. Internet businesses are not location dependent. It doesn’t matter where you are, or what time zone you’re in – you can attend to business when it suits you, rather than having a timetable dictated to you.
  2. There is no barrier to entry. The skills you need to build a successful online business can be learned and mastered quickly and easily, often for next to nothing. No prior qualifications or experience are required – just the desire to create the lifestyle you deserve to live.
  3. Technology makes living the dream even easier. Armed with your laptop and WiFi, your business can travel wherever you do. You’re free to outsource some of your work to virtual assistants and team members based anywhere in the world.
  4. Pick a country with a reliable internet connection, that you actually like the idea of living in, and you may well find that your cost of living goes down – sometimes dramatically. That can be a big help if you’re in the early stages of a new venture – and of course, the freedom of an online business means you can pack up and move somewhere even better, quickly and easily, when the time is right.

Today’s younger generation are digital natives – the idea of creating your own future via the internet seems entirely natural to them, and as “job security” becomes a thing of the past, more and more young people are starting businesses which are destined to catapult them to success.

So, where will you choose to do business from? The world is yours to explore – and your business can be designed to tick over in the background while you enjoy the very best that life has to offer.